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  • My life was still continue in which different direction, & become strangers again. & Everything we shared was just become fragment to memories. For so long ago, my question is, "Are we getting happy?". & all of that left, just this... a box contains random stuff as a memories. This stranger! (Holding Merissa picture) was the most important person in my life. What a shame. (Then the box fall down & the stuff comes out from the box. I see a note from the back of stuff)
    "This is to remind you of how hard you fell to me when we first meet. Haha. Josh, I'm so glad we have each other in our lives. I know that non matter what, we'll make it through & we'll always have a tomorrow together. Happy Anniversary! "
    I Flicked the stuff around & there is a picture of Merissa & I , happy to be together that time. After that, I ran off as fast as I can to get Merissa . Glad she were still in her car. I knocked down her car window.
    ●Merissa: Holly crap! What the hell are you doing? ●Me: Sorry, I meant , Im very sorry, Merissa. Its just a small things that act we shouldnt to take serious about it.. ●Merissa: Hurm.. whatever (Start her car) ●Me: Hold up! Its not whatever, its important to us, to me! Just we dont do that anymore, okay? Im sorry, please? ●Merissa: (Thinking) Hurmm.. okay.. ●Me: Yeaah? Are you okay? ●Merissa: (Nodding her head) ●Me: Im sorry Merissa. I'll make sure next it will be just fine.. ●Merissa: (She's smilling & drive away)
  • 5month earlier, somewhere near the end of Stage 4..
    *Me & Merissa having dinner..
    ●Merissa: Do you realise there's only two option for future together? ●Me: (Silence) ●Merissa: To the breakup or we.... got married? ●Me: What do you think? ●Merissa: Think we'll get married? ●Me: Huh? Jeez.. That is holly question. Why? You wanna get married of me? ●Merissa: hurmm.. I dont know.. ●Me: Me neither.. ●Merissa: hurmm..Do you want to break up with me? ●Me: huh? Of course not! ●Merissa: Well, its gonna be one of the others? What do you think if we end up together? We gonna hates each other? Or we will still keep in touch? ●Me: Hurmm.. I think that if live seperates us & we were in totally different places, Always remembered when path of life always be paradise & I'll always be thankful of that & hope that, where ever we were, we will be thankful too. Yeaah Thats all I think for sure....
    -THE END-

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