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*Night, Kitchen, Me washing dishes then Merissa coming..
●Merissa: Oh gosh! Dont you asked me what just happen for whole of my day.. ●Me: I wont.. ●Merissa: My manager trying to get me quit! ●Me: (Just silence) ●Merissa: Hurmm, where do you want to eat tonight? ●Me: Where ever you wanna go..(still washing dishes) ●Merissa: Can you just decide? Im the one who asked you. ●Me: & I'm being flexible! You picked.. ●Merissa: Err!! You were just like a 5years old that someone asked you to do.
Hurmm.. Normally, I let that go, but, I having a bad day too so, "What just you said?" . Arguing is the one thing, the feeling satisfied & I happy for the relationship with the other. We've tried various time, just to makes changes, to fixed things, We were like do many couple out there. That wasnt enough. We become one of these relationship where that wasnt bad.....
....But its also wasnt great. & let me tell you, There's never a good ways to described our relationship.
*Night, On the phone with Merissa..
●Merissa: I guess I want to sleep now.. ●Me: Hurmm.. okay.. ●Merissa: Good Night.. ●Me: Good Night.. *The clock show 10:01 pm(Early right?)
That wasnt long before we were in the Stage 6, DownHill. There's no much time once you were here. Everything that you want to make it worked, just isnt working anymore. Hurmm.. Promise continue, Argument still didnt get solve. I dont really remember why are we argue about. What did are we argue about?

Merissa & I... sad to say, are nearing to the end of the stage, it was next happen to everyone for some point... 'The end of the lines'. The worse stage ever, BREAKING UP. I dont know when it all happen or how but I hope we can leave with our own good, virtual terms that it was ever truthly possible..
*Night, In the park..
●Merissa: I think this is for the best.. ●Me: Fine... hurmm
& This one of two of us start a new path. One lead right back where we get started it..Stranger. The change was become so drastic & so blund that probaly want to get back right away just restore what normal..

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