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But the end of all, we had a trillion picture with each other & new every details of our daily life & like any normal , A healthy couple. We're enter to the Stage 4, COMFORTABLE.
*Night, Merissa & I in living room watching television.. ●Me: What do you wanna to do tonight? ●Merissa: (Sharpen her nails) Hurmm.. I dont know. What ever...
Now, being COMFORTABLE was not necessary bad. It's the one we can be truly be ourselves but its depends on what you do with that comfort. Some musics positively continuesly to work at their relationship & grow together, but others allow to create distances & for Merissa & I.... We make a state each other for grand it.
*(Situation 1)Early Morning, Jog times. I ran up to Merissa house.. (Knocked her door then she opened it) ●Me: Hey.. what are doing?! Its was Sunday. We should get out & get running today.. ●Merissa: Oooh yeaah.. I totally forgot, Can we skip it? I dont.. I dont.. dont feel to do it today.. (While texting sometimes) ●Me: But this whole things is your idea. ●Merissa: Yeah, I know.. I just have a things to do.. Next week? (Begging) ●Me: Hurmm.. Alright...
*(Situation 2) Night,Me playing Playstation with my dude.. (Phone ringing) ●Dom: You wanna I to get it? ●Me: I call her later after this level. Hey watch out! (Continue playing Playstation)

Whether it taking it for granded or people changing all over the time, no wonder, someone will stop trying & feeling arent strong as before. This could happen over a few month, or maybe a few years... But for us, its was about 1 & the half years before we hit to the Stage 5, TOLERANCE..
Huuhh... When us get to this level, I just cant believe it, I am very disapointed. Some how, the I was crazy about a years ago has turned to someone whose just wasnt that special anymore. It has been happen to fast until I didnt see it coming. But yeaah... There we were.. Just tolerance to each other..

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