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*Somewhere in a park.. ●Me: Excuse me..Excuse me.. Your shoe laces were not actually tight (Jog towards the girl(Merissa). But she couldnt hear because she wearing her earpod) ●The Girl: Ooh.. Ooh thank! (Open her earpod) ●Me: No problem, I just want you...(Fall into the ground suddenly). Whoaah! (Stand up as fast as I can just to take cover) ●The Girl: Hey.. are you alright? (Ran up to me while smilling, maybe just because I fall down early then)
Then, we continue running. This time, we were together. Hurmm! I cant play it better if I not tried but thanks goodness to the city fixed the park for 5years. I didnt tell her that it was my first time running about 9months. & some how we are just ended for 5miles for that day. It's how amazing guys to do that just for anything for the right girl. But! It paid off! Because... I got her number!
(Collapse). We were really hit it off that day. I think so atleast? I blackout for a few minutes but when I woke up I remembered the feeling that I make a pretty good expression.
For that point, we were ran to the Stage 2, THE CHASE. Some says its was the best part.
All I want it was, want to know more about her. & All I want to do was hang out with her...
*(Situation 1)Morning,In a park. As usual, Jog ●Merissa: Ready? ●Me: Hergghhh.. Alright.. (Start running with her)
At Night, the only person I want to talk to, was her. She's the number one pirates.
*(Situation2)At house playing playstation with my homemates (Phone ringing) ●Me: (As fast as lighting! I left up the playstation & get answered her call) ●Don(My dude): What the hell man?!
& Every day I saw her, Butterflies ! She was everything I thought could be perfect than the girls & as soon I feel right...
*Night, At park sit on the branch under the billion stars. ●Me: Would you be my girlfriend? ●Merissa: Yes.. For sure..

With this simple word, We're begins our relationship . Taking us to the Stage 3, THE HONEYMOON. Everyone call this for a good reason. It was the time when we can finally fully express our feeling towards each other & do whatever things to dp as a couple. Its was a dream come true. This girl I want to be with so so badly was finally mine. But! Eventually, the 'fire started to cold' , & both of us summer down & back to normal seat.

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