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this article i take it from nazrul or i panggil dia enoq..he very good in english..i cant challenge him kalau nak buat essay :D happy bila dia bersungguh2 nak bagi aku baca dia punye journal about his past..just wanna share it even thought dia nak kongsi ngn org terdekat je tapi bende baik kan elok share kat semua..pasal tajuk tu dia tak letak pun tajuk ape aku main hentam je hahaha..lantaklaa..ok i hope u yang tengah baca ni support him sebab dia kate kalau org suka dia nk teruskan. :face15:

*Once upon a fime, At My house..
●Me: We're just wasting time.. ●Merissa: & now you think im stupid? ●Me: You know I dont think that,Merissa.. ●Merissa: Yeaah, You dont say it but I know you think in it.. ●Me: Well of course I think it right now. The whole things was stupid. ●Merissa: See?! ●Me: See what?! It is! Who cares whose the one leave early? Even you barely know & now you get mad at me? ●Merissa: Yes.. Because you think i'm annoying you.. ●Me: Oh my god.. This isnt about us, this about your lame party! That.. Yeah, whatever! & It makes you so desperate to go just because she doesnt have no friends to go with. If we go to that party, we're not gonna stay for it for 4hours! ●Merissa: But! It is about us! Its about you dont understand what important to me! ●Me: Eating homemates potatoes salad & played rubber tourmates is important to you? ●Merissa: Herghh.. This is stupid.. ●Me: That is what I just said! ●Merissa: No.. You're stupid.. ●Me: Okay! I'm gotta let that one go. Can you just tell me when we can leave early or not, please? ●Merissa: Josh! You tell me! ●Me: What?! (Slow voice in anger) ●Merissa: (Moving to the door) ●Me: Look.. (Chase her) I'm sorry, i bothered it up. Can you decide & i do whatever.. ●Merissa: No Josh.. Not this time. I'm not gonna tell you what to do because you gonna use it against me later. I always do what you say.. No more! (Open the door & leave Me behind)
●Me: (Chase her again) This wasnt my fault. There's no reason for this.. ●Merissa: Yeah You're right.. There's no reason for this (Walked away)
Hurmm.. It was always like this. I can remember when it wasnt but I know for sure we're just always be like this. Hurmm, She's to be... My Unicorn? Huuhh.. You know, Unbelievable! Crazy special, the girl I thought couldnt never exists, but that time when on from one stage of our relationship to the next, The path has start it off was so innocence & fun has taken us to... This!.. But like the most we're start it off with 'Strangers'. At stage 1, MEETING. Thank to shoe laces actually

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